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Tips & Techniques to Score Better in Board Exams

by rosey

Online Resources

Over the years, many learning tools and techniques have constantly evolved to meet the changing needs. Now, the internet has paved the way for a revolution in the education sector with the rise of online tuition and related services. Students have benefited from these the most as they are able to access learning resources from the comfort of their homes. Not to mention, the internet also provides enhanced access to sources of information which were previously unavailable due to cost or other constraints. For example, If a student wants to take up Class 9 Maths tuition as they might be weak or need additional practice, they can do so easily through online tuition classes now.

Revisit the Basics

Students must ensure that they brush up on the basics during exams. Doing so can ensure that they are familiar with the concepts and related topics that are crucial for exams. Revision can also help recall important concepts and topics and reinforce learning to a considerable degree. It also helps to solve problems faster, which is an important part of time management for final exams or any competitive entrance exams. It can also allay anxiety and improve confidence during the exam.

Peer Learning

Learning techniques vary for each student. A specific technique might be useful for some, but the same might not be effective for others. However, one of the techniques that has proven to be more effective is peer learning. In this method, students share information and collaborate on various topics, thereby reinforcing their overall learning experience. Peer learning is also important not just in school but also in higher studies. Doing so fosters teamwork and ensures mutual success. Besides this, peer learning also has other benefits, such as improved feedback, increased creativity, etc., and it also creates a conducive learning environment.

Create Plans and Strategies

Having a clear goal is crucial if one wants to succeed in any field. Similarly, if a student wishes to clear their final/board exams with good grades, it is important to plan and strategise accordingly. There are many reasons why you should do so. For instance, having a good plan can help you organise your time and resources effectively. A good plan must also be realistic and sensible – with big goals that are broken down into smaller and more manageable goals.

Health and Sleep

Learning becomes effective only when your physical and mental health is good. Moreover, sleep is integral if you wish to retain and reinforce your learning. Hence, a good night’s sleep before an important exam is crucial if you wish to attempt the exam more effectively. Students must also ensure that they eat healthy and avoid processed foods high in sugar or stimulants like caffeine. Moreover, studies have shown that eating nutrient-rich foods can prevent mood swings and alleviate anxiety.

In conclusion, following these suggestions will help you score better grades and hopefully help you reach your goals a little more easily. Explore Class 9 Physics tuition for Chemistry and other subjects, only at BYJU’S.

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