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Three Tools No One Thinks of to Improve PPC Campaign Functioning

by rosey

Things are often not what they seem.

This is more true for digital marketing than many other fields. On the outside, digital marketing looks simple and placid. Since many people not familiar with digital marketing also use digital platforms, they tend to think that there is not much challenging about the field.

Ask SEOs, AdWords specialists, and social media execs if their work is easy, and you will be met with scorn. Nothing about digital marketing is easy, especially now when the competition has increased to a great degree.

There is an abundance of everything in digital marketing now. Every small niche has atleast a dozen serious websites competing. There are many service providers, many tools, and many different perspectives on the smallest of topics. Even email marketing, a straightforward marketing technique, has become subject to diverging opinions and strategy.

In the long run, these signs are good. Every growing field must have different schools of thought within it. Just look at the sheer number of digital marketing institutes students can choose from now. There is variety, not just in choice, but in approach as well.

PPC is one field where this applies. There are many tools that people generally don’t associate with PPC marketing. However, they can still be used and optimized for maximum effect in a marketing campaign as they help improve the operational side of running things.

In this article, we study three such tools which the functioning of a PPC campaign.


Join.me is a screen sharing tool. Its basic function is to allow managers and supervisors at companies to explain to others how to do certain things remotely through screen sharing.

In PPC, it is fairly common for PPC managers to explain to freshers and execs the strategy they are choosing and the keywords they wish to target. Join.me helps simplify this process by allowing managers remote access to systems so that they can explain how exactly a campaign is going to function.

Google Docs

A software not associated with PPC campaigns, Google Docs is very useful for industries across the board, not just digital marketing says Gaurav Heera.

Google Docs is highly conducive to collaborations and offers managers the facility to modify access to certain files and folders. In a PPC campaign which has a large number of professionals, Google Docs is perfect as it allows collaborative work to happen while minimizing the risk of files getting lost due to secure storage.


PPC managers have to take care of a number of things. When they’re not working on keyword research and bidding strategies for PPC campaigns, they work with other execs in a digital marketing department on overall vision and goal.

Calendly is a tool which helps simplify the work-life of a PPC manager, or any other professional for that matter. It allows people to set meetings with a PPC manager based on their schedule and syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article gives a glimpse of how tools with no discernible link to PPC can actually help improve the efficiency of a campaign.

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